Lead your child to progress through a world of balanced challenges. The exercises provide a pedagogical progression through the world of multiplication. The student can follow various paths through the game and is rewarded as each new level is achieved.



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The multiplicands are introduced throughout the game in a proven and, by many teachers, appreciated order.


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Each new table of multiplication is introduced graphically, usually together with some tips. The student will also be able to experiment and see what happens when the multiplier is changed.


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The order in which we multiply two numbers does not matter. The final product is always the same. 3x5 and 5x3 are both equal to 15. This commutative concept is integrated into the game mechanic.

Once the student understands this, it effectively reduces the number of multiplications to learn by half.

Tactile Counting

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Simply counting is an essential step in learning how to multiply. Working with sets and adding them together.


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The concept of multiples is comprehended quickly in these action scenes.


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Here the student can experiment. The factors are illustrated as sets of boxes, and the concept of multiplication is visually animated.


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This is a race against the skeleton where each correct answer is illustrated and helps the student climb even higher. But too many errors and the tower may collapse.


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The best way to memorize multiplication is to practice a lot. In each chapter, the student counts, answer multiple questions, and enters the answers manually. This mix of exercises will significantly improve the learning rate and be more fun.


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Later in the game, the concept of multiplication is enhanced by learning how to factorize.


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Throughout the game, every question and answer is gathered locally on the student's device to be later visualized as statistics. Please note that the game never sends any personal information to us. Games should be safe and protect the student's privacy.


The game comes with voice acting. Currently only in English, but more languages will be added. Nonetheless, the game can be used in the whole world regardless of the student's language – math is a universal language. The voice can be muted without affecting the gameplay, but we recommend it to be on since it improves learning by using more senses.


Once installed, the game can be used offline without any Internet connection.

To ensure a healthy pace, the game automatically reminds the student to take regular breaks to allow the mind to digest what has been learnt.

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